Scott Whitfield

Principal of Sales

Mr. Whitfield, a Colorado Native, has vast experience in commercial sales, as well as real estate development. He began his career in Denver with a real estate investment firm, where he specialized in sophisticated, large-scale transactions involving institutional investors, pension funds, and large-scale private equity firms. Mr. Whitfield was involved in the development of several noteworthy commercial and residential properties throughout the Denver Metro Area.

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Scott Whitfield stands out for being an exceptional listener, and for being able to fully comprehend, manage, and often surpass his clients’ expectations. His Colorado upbringing has given him a unique perspective of the local market, and he brings with him a particular dedication to customer service that exceeds that of his peers. Whitfield is a trusted advisor who truly enjoys real estate as well as aiding others with an interest in the industry.

It is to no surprise that Scott Whitfield is one of the most sought-after real estate professionals in Denver. He has the insight and expertise that his competitors strive for, the type of personality that inspires confidence and respect, and his successes have made him the go-to agent for high-net-worth investors. Allow him to speak with you directly about what advantages he can present to your next investment.